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Care Fees

If you are currently faced with the prospect of finding care for yourself, a relative or a friend you are probably feeling emotionally drained right now.​

The process of finding suitable care and sorting out the legislation, not to mention helping your loved one come to terms with the significant changes to their lifestyle, can be extremely hard.  Add to this the emotive and often confusing financial situation, and it is not surprising to learn that many people feel tired, stressed and worried at a time like this.

Funding Care

If a person's capital and savings and/or income push them outside the means test thresholds, they will generally be responsible for the funding of their own care fees until such a time as their money falls below the appropriate threshold.

However, with careful planning, it may be possible to structure their finances in such a way that care fees can be paid indefinitely, without worry about the future or what might happen if the money runs out.

Most families wish to ensure that their relative can stay in their chosen care home for the rest of their lives, as well as safeguarding as much of the existing capital as possible.

Later Life Advice

​Understanding the unique needs of those in later life is a specialist area in its own right.  Fortunately, during his long career as an Independent Financial Adviser, Neil was an expert in this area and he understands the benefits and tax system in the UK in great depth. 

Over the years, he also helped many clients with Care Fees Planning for their elderly relatives and provided much-needed reassurance, thus reducing relatives' stress and anxiety levels significantly. 


This service is very much still a core part of our business and introductions to our professional partners can be made should the need arise for regulated financial advice.

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