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Our Story

The Seniors’ Service has been set up to provide an umbrella organisation aimed at assisting people with legal and financial applications and documentation.  Whilst it is likely to be of benefit primarily to the older generation, some of the services offered would also be useful to working-age people.


Our People

Neil Gayler Photo

Neil Gayler, the founder of The Seniors’ Service, writes:

“I have worked in Financial Services for almost four decades now, mainly as an adviser running my own Independent Financial Adviser practice.  In the last ten years or so, I became a specialist in advising those in Later Life regarding Care Fees Funding and other matters that are particularly relevant to that demographic.

I sold my practice in 2019 but have continued to provide guidance on “non-regulated” matters, and also expanded my activities in Will drafting and the establishment of Powers of Attorney and Trusts.

At the start of 2022, I launched “Making Life Simple”, a service aimed at helping those struggling to keep on top of their financial paperwork to become, and thereafter remain, financially organised.  I also started to assist people having difficulties completing application forms for State Benefits, such as Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance, and also Blue Badge and Travel Card applications.  Towards the end of 2022, it became apparent that my activities were almost entirely focused on assisting those in later life, and the concept of an overarching business to pull everything together was born."

Helen Cound Photo

Helen Cound

Helen joined Neil in June 2017 to practice manage his burgeoning client bank, and to help in bringing his many creative and interesting new projects to fruition.  She knows how to get things done in the right way and aims to ensure that Neil’s time and energy are channelled towards the activities which have led to the creation of The Seniors' Service. 


With a strong eye for detail, client focus and natural empathy, she supports Neil at every stage of the activities which are now grouped under The Seniors' Service umbrella, and she manages many aspects of the services which we now provide.

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